Be a part of the story.

The Story

The barn burned in an accidental fire October 26, 2017. (It was an electrical fire that started on a pole outside in the parking lot that traveled to the barn.) The community is rallying and with their support, the barn is being rebuilt.

Delon and Julie purchased the property early in 2015 and have been running barn dances ever since. They are hardworking (both working full-time during the day) and were completely caught off guard.  The news broke of the fire via social media--they both rushed home to embers.

If it weren't for the passion for the dances and legacy of the barn, they would have probably just let it go. But the barn has a life of its own---they knew they had to find a way to rebuild. (And build it better and safer). They have never increased the ticket price (still $10/ticket) and will keep the price the same. They are planning to rebuild when the ground thaws. Their motivation is for the "kids" (including some of us older kids who still love to dance). Students and young adults come from all over to dance at Arthur's Barn.

If you have ever attended a dance, you have seen Delon talking and listening to every kid telling their stories about coming to the barn. (And you can bet he remembers where they are from.) There are endless stories of engagements and of those who have traveled far just to see what it's all about. They even had two show up the night after the barn burned down (it was a scheduled dance and they hadn't heard the news) they sat with them and talked awhile.

The bands that play at Arthur's Barn have been coming there for many years. They know this audience and have been a huge factor in the success of the dances. From the moment those kids walk in the door and until the last song is played, they are swing dancing and line dancing like nobody's business. If you come just to watch, you won't be disappointed.

The rebuild will start in the spring of 2018. They are going to need some help to get the building up. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of the rebuild. And note, if you were ever on the hunt to find someone qualified to rebuild the barn, you'd find Delon. He worked for Olaf Anderson for about 25 years (on several very large buildings in our community--including the Scheels Arena in Fargo, the Aerospace Center in Grand Forks, and the Ralph Engelstad Arena in Thief River Falls). We thank everyone for their support and could not be more excited to get the dances going again!!!